Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our enchiladas

This recipe actually began years ago on my J1. I was living with my bf and we used to get jars of sauce in safeway. The chicken breasts were ridiculously big, in the packet they looked normal but they just kept unfolding and unfording! Anyway we'd fry some chicken breasts, onions and peppers then add the sauce and simmer. The fruit and veg in California was great and very cheap. We'd add some fresh pineapple chunks to counteract the sauce's spiciness. We'd fill tortillas with the sauce, grated cheese and rice, roll them up, sprinkle with cheese (and any leftover sauce) and bake them for 10 mins.

Today I didn't have the sauce (obviously) so I had to make it up. I fried up the chicken breasts with onions and peppers as before and then added at tin of chopped tomatoes. I mixed about 1 tsp each of paprika, chilli powder, cayenne pepper, cumin (slightly less than 1tsp as I often find it a bit overpowering), ground coriander and oregano. After adding the spice mix I seasoned the sauce and let it simmer until the peppers were soft. The rest of the recipe I carried out as we used to. I omitted the pineapple though (my flatmate doesn't really like it).

I thought about how to layer the ingredients. First the sauce because that way it would end up on the top and the sauce mix with the other ingredients. Then the cheese to bind it all together and finally the rice. I found it best to fold in one side then the top and bottom and the the remaining side. Obviously they were placed in fold down to keep them closed on an oiled baking tray.

I make 12 but that was using small tortillas so 2 of them would be a portion.

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